Art Education Project between  Teacher Training students from Hungary and Japan .


Seizing on the possibility provided by InSEA in Korea in August 2017,  world councillors Gabriella Pataky ( Hungary)  and  Maho Sato ( Japan) started an interactive arts research project, based on international dialogue between Japanese and Hungarian early childhood teacher training students, applying the tools of visual language and contemporary plastic arts. In addition to expressive creation, the emphasis is on visual communication and the mobilization of critical thinking. The enterprise focuses on the built environment education and on the development of children’s spatial capabilities (through composition in 3D and the fostering of spatial skills, plastic skills, construction skills, design/traditional handcraft and the planning/preparation of objects with support of possibilities given selected contemporary artworks from artists in Japan and Hungary). The study targets the transitional years from kindergarten into elementary school, in a view of a new competency based curriculum (published in 2017 in Japan, in preparation in Hungary) for Kindergarten.

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