Announcing InSEA Elections for 2019-2021


 InSEA elections for 2019-2021 are now Open .  Open positions include that of President, two Vice Presidents and three World Councillors per six world regions:  Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Southeast Asia and Pacific.  .

Members of the nominating committee include:  Diederick Schonau, Teresa Eca, Li-Yan Wang; Graham Nash, and  Mohammed AlAmri.  The committee will ensure we have nominations for all positions. 



Timeline of InSEA Elections:
• Nominating Committee (To be appointed by InSEA Executive January 2018.
• June-July 2018: Members seeking election to 2019-2021 
• September  2018: Candidates information sent to all InSEA members via listserve and posted on website.
• October  2018: Online Ballot for President, two Vice Presidents and World Council Members.
• December  2018: Announcement of election results.
• July 2019: 2019-2021 World Council takes office in the 36th  World Congress



Candidates for the World Council 2019-2021

World- Councillors Region : South East Asia & Pacific

World- Councillors Region:Asia

World- Councillors Region : Africa and Middle East


World- Councillors Region : Europe

World- Councillors Region : North America

World- Councillors Region : Latin America

Candidates for EXECUTIVE Officers

Candidate for President :

Glen Coutts, Scotland/Finland

Candidates for Vice-Presidents: