Teresa Torres de Eça , born in 1961 in Portugal, works as visual artist; art teacher in secondary education and is a collaborator of the  art  and communication  researcher center CIAC  .  Served as member of the InSEA executive board:  President during 2014-2019; Vice-President during 2011- 2014  and member of the InSEA world Council during 2005- 2011.  Was a volunteer working as  assistant editor of the International Journal of Education Through Art during 2007- 2015 and as the principal editor of the  InSEA  visual journal IMAG since its creation in 2015. Organized the InSEA world congress in 2006 and the European Regional Congress in 2015 in Portugal. Organized the InSEA seminars in Thessaloniki ; Walvis Bay in  2018 and in Malta in 2019. Collaborated with InSEA members in several intercultural projects. 

Leader of the Portuguese  Association of Visual Communication Teachers ( APECV),since 2008.

Editor of the Journals Imaginar and  Invisibilidades .

 Was one of the founders of the IberoAmerican Network for arts education.

Published articles and books about art education. 

Bio : https://sharingsketchbooks.wordpress.com/tt/