UNESCO International Arts Education Week

  May 23-29, 2016


UNESCO International Arts Education Week


                                                 Arts Education for Sustainable Development. 


This theme carries on from International Arts Education Week 2015 and recognises the ongoing importance of arts education in contributing to local and global awareness of cultural, economic, environmental and humanitarian concerns. Arts Education with a core emphasis on doing/making/presenting offers exciting, dynamic, cross generational opportunities for action. The World Alliance for Arts Education proudly advocates for the role that arts educators and artists can have in educating for sustainable development in formal, informal and non-formal education contexts. For more information about the WAAE please go to: http://waae.edcp.educ.ubc.ca

Message from Li Cunxin (Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet) for International Arts Education Week 2016

As usually InSEA Advocacy board calls for posters from InSEA members about the celebration. Please send them to : insea@insea.org




International Art Education Association (InAEA) and International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) invite you to join us to celebrate 2016 UNESCO International Arts Education Week (23-29 May, 2016) with us. 
This year, we received works from more than 25 countries, more than 200 works submitted!
Wish you enjoy the works by artists from all ages.


                                                                          Arts Education Week at CBA



From KACES, Korea


EnREDADAS Call 2016 

to reserchers and teachers of Art Education;

We are celebrating  the “V Week of Arts Education” (UNESCO, May 2016) with 36 collective and international exhibitions from the “Proyecto exposiciones enREDadas” fourth edition.
 We encourage you to participate in Enredadadas 2016 by sending by email images of your artistic works for a digital exhibition  sponsored by InSEA at: http://exposicionesenredadas.blogspot.com.es/
Ángeles Saura- Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/ SPAIN (European Union)


Art e-Learning Center:Makio Kawashima




Semana Educación Artística, Chile




UNESCO-ov 5. Tjedan  

međunarodnoga umjetničkog obrazovanja

Umjetničko obrazovanje za održivi razvoj


Izložbeni salon Izidor Kršnjavi, Zagreb- Izidor Kršnjavi Salon/Gallery, Zagreb

23 – 27. svibnja 2016.


HRV-InSEA & The School of Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb, Croatia- HRV-InSEA i Škola primijenjene umjetnosti i dizajna, Zagreb



Više o izložbi možete pogledati na mrežnim stranicama Škole / More about the exhibition can be found at:



The Gallery of Artworks / Galerija radova: 







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