We welcome art educators; artists; art teachers and researchers who are willing to join the Society. InSEA is a long established association on a worldwide basis of those concerned with education through art is necessary in order that they may share experiences, improve practices and strengthen the position of art in educational settings. InSEA has established an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education providing a world-wide networking platform to the members. If you want to become one of our members  you can read the InSEA Constitution and By Laws.  See also here our data privacy policy. If you have questions about membership please contact:

See here our Privacy Policy

Active Members

a. Individual members shall be those persons engaged in education through art who may be elected by the World Council.

 b. Organisations or institutions concerned with or related to the arts or art education may apply for membership of InSEA. Membership shall be granted to organisations and institutions that meet the  requirements stated in the InSEA Constitution and By Laws.

  • A: Professional Members
  • B: Institutional and Organizational Members
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  • e-news (10 per year); I-MAG (3 per year);Can nominate candidates for Sir Herbert Read, Mahmoud El-Bassiouny and Edwin Ziegfled Awards, Doctoral and Research Awards;
  • % discount on InSEA events;
  •  IJEtA online (3 per year)-all isues of IJEtA on-line ; 50% discount on IjEtA hard copy; 
  • Full access to members' area – web; Listing on professional members' interest database; 
  • Minimum 15% discount on endorsed pubs;
  • Stand for election to WC; Right to attend general assembly; Exercise one vote in any appropriate InSEA election and in the general assembly of InSEA (see constitution for guidance); Eligible for election to IJEtA board; Eligible for election to I-Mag board; 
  • Eligible to publish with InSEA
  • Eligible for endorsement of publications/ congresses, events, exhibitions; Eligible to serve on InSEA Working Groups and juries;
  • Eligible for InSEA Doctoral research award; Eligible for InSEA Research excellence award; 
  •  e-news (10 per year); I-MAG (3 per year); IJEtA online (3 per year); ;50% discount on IjEtA hard copy; % discount on InSEA events
  • Can send 2 delegates representing the Organization to InSEA world congresses ( using the login of the Organization to register) 
  • Can participate in the respective InSEA Regional Council meetings
  • Can nominate candidates for InSEA  Awards
  • Use of InSEA logo ( InSEA Organizational member);
  • Full access to InSEA   members' area – web with the Organization login. 
  • Listing on InSEA Organizations database
  • Minimum 15% discount on endorsed pubs.
  • Delegates can Stand for election to WC; Delegates have the Right to attend general assembly and exercise one or two votes in any appropriate InSEA election and in the general assembly of InSEA (see constitution for guidance).
  • Delegates are Eligible for election to IJEtA board- Eligible for election to I-Mag board- Eligible to publish with InSEA
  • Eligible for endorsement of publications/ congresses, events, exhibitions-
  • Eligible to serve on InSEA Working Groups and juries-
  • Eligible for InSEA Doctoral research award- Eligible for InSEA Research excellence award-
  • Eligible for InSEA Regional Boards
  • Can have events and publications endorsed.
  • Can organize InSEA events.
  • Can organize InSEA publications. 
  • A resource-rich WEBSITE including advocacy, praxis and research blogs, with valuable networking possibilities, capable of distributing information widely and providing interactive forums in different languages.
  • A searchable membership PORTAL where members can locate art teachers from all around the world. Many InSEA members welcome collaborations and educational interchanges with other InSEA members.
  • A NEWSLETTTER. With the most updated information about art education news and where, InSEA members can promote events and share information.
  • An E- Magazine with contents about art education projects linking research and practice where InSEA members can publish and advertise events and information using visual media.
  • Free access to the on-line International Journal for Education through Art (IJETA), an internationally renowned journal about art education. And 50% discount in the price of hard copies of the journal.
  • Access to  annual regional CONGRESSES and triannual world congresses representing all regions of the world.
  • E-publications: where members can download Ebooks for free or with InSEA reduction discounts and participate with their own E-publication project.
  • Political efforts to keep art education on the agenda of policy makers with support letters; white papers, joint advocacy papers, etc.).
  • Discounts in InSEA endorsed events, congresses, conferences and symposia.
  • Discounts in InSEA endorsed publications.
  • InSEA  intends to help InSEA members to publish books and catalogues mainly in electronic forms. InSEA holds a World Congress  during which members come together to share insights and build stronger networks. Between world congresses, InSEA members are invited to regional congresses held in several sites around the world (for more information about the World Congress, see here).
  • At each InSEA Congress, InSEA honors outstanding art educators with five special awards. 
  • These awards are the Sir Herbert Read Award, the Mahmoud El-Bassiouny Award; the Edwin Ziegfeld Award, InSEA Award for Excellence in Research in Education through Art  and The doctoral research Award. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and fellow members.

  Note: The World Councillors of your Region can help you  in the registration process. Please see here the  list of Councillors per region.