The aim of this project is to construct an image database for establishing connections across nations (in synchronous and asynchronous time) in order to breakdown barriers of stereotypical understandings, by interacting with and collaborating with one another on mutually relevant issues using several visual media for digital display.

Children, young people and adults from all around the world are invited to participate.


- create a digital platform using different communication media;
- create a global encyclopedia with static and moving images and sounds to illustrate UNESCO goals and guidelines
for education in the XXI century.

7 first words:

• Love
• Chaos
• Light
• Pain
• Peace
• Sweetness
• Solidarity

Broad Objectives

- promote freedom of expression;
- promote global education goals;
- protect tangible and intangible patrimonies;
- learn how to leave together;
- explore tools for a sustainable future;
- preserve and protect the planet and the oceans;
- establish global and local relationships with environments.

Participants are asked to submit creative works (as .jpg/.png or .mpg files) to express words and concepts important for a sustainable planet.

How to Participate:

1. chose a word, idea or concept related to the broad objectives of the project
2. express the meaning of the word, idea or concept in visual language (image, video, multimedia)
3. send us a reproduction of the work. Name the files as following:

Name(s) of author(s) _ selected word_ country_year

(e.g. for a person named Peter Smith , from Portugal who chose the word light for his work: petersmith_light_portugal_2015.jpg)

Send the files to :

If you want to send a Video file, please send the link to the location of the video in the internet.

The files will be the starting point to build a digital library or visual encyclopedia. Physical exhibitions of selected works may also be curated by local coordinators of the project in several places (schools, museums, cultural centres, etc.)


If you want be a local coordinator of this project and willing
to promote the project in your community please contact Ângela Saldanha