International Journal of Education through Art

Rita L. Irwin, Principal Editor  The University of British Columbia, Canada

Nadine Kalin, Editor, University of North Texas, USA    
Anita Sinner, Editor, Concordia University, Canada    

Nicholas Houghton, Book Reviews Editor, University for the Creative Arts, UK




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The International Journal of Education through Art [IJETA], is the English language journal that promotes relationships between art and education. The term ‘art education’ should be taken to include art, craft and design education. Each issue, published three times a year within a single volume, consists of peer-reviewed articles mainly in the form of research reports and critical essays, but may also include exhibition reviews and image-text features.

Particular emphasis is placed on articles that:

• Critically reflect on the relationship between education and art

• Propose original ways of rethinking the status of education and art education

• Address the role of teaching and learning in either formal or informal educational contexts and along side issues of age, gender and social background

• Adopt an open and inventive interpretation of research-based analysis

• Promote and experiment with visual/textual forms of representing art education activities, issues and research

The journal is interdisciplinary in its reflection of teaching and learning contexts and also in its representation of artistic approaches and practices. It provides a platform for those who wish to question and evaluate the ways in which art education is practiced, disseminated and interpreted across a diverse range of educational contexts.

Potential topics include: 

Art, craft and design education

Formal and informal education contexts

Meaning making, image and identity in art education

Public, community and environmental art

Performance and installation art

Pedagogy and emerging technologies

Policy and practice

Trans-cultural issues

Visual communication and culture

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International Journal of Education through Art is published in partnership with Intellect Ltd.

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