InSEA Institutional  Members and Affiliated Organizations in SA&P


Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education

The Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education was established in November 2012 and became a member of the network of Observatories on Arts Education in the Asia-Pacific Region in February 2017 (MOU with UNESCO Bangkok).  In March, 2017, the network of Observatories joined the UNESCO Paris International Network for Arts Education Research for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development (UNITWIN).   The Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education focuses on research, cultural diversity and sustainable development through the arts.  Members of the Observatory currently include academic staff within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Arts Education group. The  Observatory publishes the Journal of Arts Education and is affiliated with the e-journal of Multidisciplinary Arts, holds monthly Colloquia which are open to the public, and is in the process of establishing international exchange programs, internships and work integrated learning for, in and through arts education. 


Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Art Educators, New Zealand.

Art Education Australia, Australia, 

Queensland Art Teachers Association, Australia, 

Visual Art and design educators association of New South Wales - Australia

Bandung Institute of Technology; Faculty of Visual Art and Design. 

UP Art Educators Society (UP ARTES) Philipines 




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