European Region 

8th InSEA Endorsed Relate North Symposium in Russia!

The 8th InSEA Endorsed Relate North International Symposium in Art and Design Education is going on right now at the State University of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia. more than 120 delegates from 14 countries. Such an honour to be part of this -powerful and thought provoking presentations from around the circumpolar north..

InSEA-P-Project: Call for Digital Posters

Dace Paeglite and  Dace Pudane, from Lat-InSEA,  invite InSEA members to join the Project Social Posters by children and teen agers. The project intends to create a virtual gallery of children and teen agers' views about social concerns using   graphic communication. Posters can be printed by the participants' teachers/educators  to  set exhibitions with the posters from different countries in their schools/educational settings.


18th International Visual art competition 'I live by the Sea'. 2019 - "The Storm” 


All children and young people from the countries over the world are invited to participate in the 18th International Visual art competition 'I live by the Sea'.

The aim of the competition - Using artistic expressions, encourage everyone’s interest in a water eco system (a water chain - springs, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans), its role in the development of human life, culture and traditions, as well as evaluate water as an intercultural unified element