Creativity Summit 2016, 10 video presentations

Creativity Summit 2016, video presentations

These videos are presentations from an international Creativity Summit held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in December 2016. There are 10 pecha kucha style presentations, 3 keynotes, and 1 panel -- all great tools for teaching, researching, and understanding creativity in education

The 2016 Creativity Summit in Melbourne Australia was co-sponsored by the Australian Research Council, the Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE), and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). The co-convenors were Anne Harris, Sue Davis, Kim Snepvangers and Leon de Bruin. These original videos and a description of the summit were first published in the journalDepartures in Critical Qualitative Research. Video credits: Alta Truden. 

Reference: Harris, A., Davis, S., Snepvangers, K., and de Bruin, L. (2017). 'Creative Formats, Creative Futures'. In Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, Vol 6, No 2, pp 48-61. ISSN: 2333-9489. 


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