World Councillor

The International Society for Education through Art is unique in that it's the largest global organization for the field of art education. I became a member as a PhD student because my research was international in scope, and I wanted to be able to network with other art educators who were working in international circles. InSEA provided me that opportunity! I have enjoyed and learned a lot from InSEA by attending many conferences, both regional (USSEA-New Paltz, Indianapolis, New York, and Wichita) and international (Rovaniemi, Finland, Canterbury, UK, Melbourne, Australia, and Daegu, South Korea). I have worked with the Treasurer for InSEA, Dr. James Sanders, supporting him in board activities for the organization, and most recently have been appointed by the InSEA President, Teresa Eca, as the Membership Coordinator. Through my position as Membership Coordinator, I have been able to learn more about the ins-and-outs of the organization—the logistical and organizational structures that most people don't see. I have been working in one or both of these capacities since 2016. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue giving back to InSEA by becoming a World Councillor. My goal in this position would be to increase membership, discuss and bring awareness to the organization through other conferences and professional organizations, build relationships with other art educators in my regional and beyond, and work closely with the world council and executive board with whatever they may need. I look forward to serving and providing assistance to an organization that has benefited me for many years.

Short Bio

Dr. Amanda Alexander is an Associate Professor and Area Coordinator of Art Education in the Department of Art + Art History at the University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Alexander teaches five undergraduate courses including a summer visual culture class, works as the liaison between the Art + Art History Department and the College of Education for the art education students, periodically guides independent studies for students, and sits on MFA committees for graduate students in the department. Alexander’s research explores (inter)national and local community-based arts research and learning, sustainable social and culture development, and social justice. 

Dr. Alexander’s community-based research incorporates participatory action research, service-learning, autoethnography, co-creation design methods, and is grounded in critical theories. She uses these methodologies and theories in connection with sites of cultural and artistic (re)production including schools, museums, community arts organizations, and international cooperative groups. Dr. Alexander is centrally concerned with art education students’ ability to be more civically engaged individuals, see art as a means to make meaning, and have an interdisciplinary, global perspective. Her thirteen years of living, working, and conducting research in Peru with Native artists and conducting local Texas research has led to presentations and publications in journals such as: the International Journal for Education through Art, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, Art Education, the International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, and the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement. 

Dr. Alexander graduated from The Ohio State University (OSU) with a Ph.D. in Art Education and a focus in Arts Administration, Education, and Policy in 2010. Prior to her Ph.D., she received a Masters of Arts degree in Arts Policy and Administration in 2007 from OSU and a Bachelors of Science degree in Business in 2000 from Indiana University-Bloomington. Professionally, Dr. Alexander worked in Marketing for several years, completed Peace Corps service from 2002-2005, worked for both the Ohio Arts Council and the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, taught with Upward Bound--a program dedicated to preparing inner city high school kids for college, and taught at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Alexander serves on many interdisciplinary advisory boards at UTA and with statewide, national, and international arts/art education organizations.