World Councillor 


Christiana Deliewen Afrikaner is coordinating arts and culture programs with communities and schools. Serves as Board chairperson of the Walvis Bay School of Arts, past vice-chairperson of the Namibia Craft Centre and board member of the Omaruru School of Arts. Panel member on the National Arts Curriculum Panel for three terms. Editorial Board member of IMAG. Founding/co-founding member of:

·        Society for Arts Education in Namibia (SAEN): Chairperson

·        Sub-Saharan Africa Society for Education through Arts (SSASEA): Chairperson

·        African Arts Association (AfrAA): Executive member

·        Walvis Bay School of Arts: Chairperson

·        National Brass Network of Namibia(NBNN): National coordinator

·        Eat Arts Training Namibia: Executive Director

I have successfully organized and chair the InSEA/SAEN seminar in Namibia. I’m a researcher and educator genuinely involved in arts education and endeavours towards attaining much as possible communities, schools, researchers, and artists through programs. To train community artists for assisting teaching arts in schools, is one of my intentions. I am working on the vision of exposing the Namibian arts fellowship to the international arts world.


I am well-connected in Africa and thus aiming at uniting Africa through arts, as well as creating a bridge between Africa and Middle-East. The connections will open pathways of collaboration and partnerships for researchers, artists, and teacher educators. These connections between regional and international populations should engage with InSEA programs. My aim is to promote national and international events such as seminars, conferences and workshops. Motivate artists and educators from all parts of the world to join InSEA. 

Biographical details 

Employed under the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Namibia as a Senior Education Officer for the arts in the Erongo, Kunene and Otjozondjupa Regions as from December 2011, after years of being a teacher. Always in collaboration with art teachers, community arts centers, and community artists to expand the necessary knowledge and skills. Ph.D. in Arts Education from the University of Porto, Portugal. M. Tech and B. Tech Degree in Education Management from Technicon Pretoria. Further Diploma in Education from Rands Afrikaans University, Diploma in Education from the University of Port Elizabeth and Higher Primary Education Certificate from the University of Namibia.



Facebook: Christiana Afrikaner

Linkedin: Christiana Deliewen Afrikaner