The theme of the first European  INSEA congress, held in Finland in 1971, was Environmental Protection in Art Education. Since than  in many InSEA conferences , researchers, art teachers and artists present good practices and  theories on art education related to Environmental issues.  Environment awareness can be raised through project based art education;   critical thinking  and problerm solving skills  are fostered through creative  artistic practices. Theory on art education pedagogy ( van Boeckel, 2014) ;  curriculum development  ( Pohjakallio, 2007) and research methods   were developed in many countries by InSEA members, specially in Finland. ( Jokela, 1995; Jokela & Coutts,2017; Jokela,  Coutts, Huhmarniemi and Härkönen, 2013). 

InSEA  is interested in promoting the discussion of topics related to natural and built ernvironment , and challenges members to make visible their projects and publications so other educators can learn from the experiences.  For exemple in the InSEA e-book RE-ESTETIZANDO. ALGUNAS PROPUESTAS PARA ALCANZAR LA INDEPENDENCIA EN LA EDUCACIÓN DEL ARTE, the editor Isabel Moreno Montoro  selected the excellent work of artist Lucia Loren in Spain , using art practices in formal and non formal contexts raising awareness of environmental education ( Loren, 2015)  . In the European Project CREARTE,  some teachers and artists from Cyprus and Portugal made similar projects  that can be consulted on the project websites: 

  • The sea Washes Up Human Stories at  Katharis Primary School - Demetris Lipertis. Researcher Efi Ioakim with primary teacher Panagiota Poirazi and artists Minas Alexiou; Anastasia Lambaski Onisiforou and Soula Christou; Cyprus
  • Water Goes by museum educator and artist Ines Azevedo at the Primary School of Chouselas -Escola Básica de Chouselas, Portugal 

Presentations during InSEA congresses show the importance of the topic in InSEA community; for example during the InSEA 2012, InSEA European Congress in  Lemessos, Sahar khalil, from Egypt talked about 'Urban Museums – more green steps'; and  Kalafati  Daskolia; Salla   and Flogaitis , Greek art teachers  presented a project in  pre-school education exploring the relationship between environmental and art education. In the InSEA world Congress, Daegu, Korea, 2017 Yichien Cooper, from  Washington State University, USA presented a project called 'Building a Sustainable Creative City through Art with Social Purposes'.   

Letizia Balzi, InSEA member created great resources in her webpage, for example the Lesson Plan: “Sharing the Planet – Plastic Waste”.  or the lesson Plan: “What is Pollution?” Reduce, Reuse and Recycle + Art Brut Sculpture




As art educators; artists working in education; and researchers in art education we believe that the arts in education can contribute to: 

  • Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and environmental challenges
  • Knowledge and understanding of the environment and environmental challenges
  • Foster Attitudes of concern for the environment and motivation to improve or maintain environmental quality
  • Develop Skills to identify and help resolve environmental challenges
  • Increase Participation in activities that lead to the resolution of environmental challenges


This working group , was created during the InSEA congress in 2018 in Espoo, Finland and intends to map projects around the world dealing with how art educators are questionning with their learners issues related to : Natural environment; Climate Change; Sustainable Planet  and Built Environment.  


Built Environment

3612+ Built Environment Education/ InSEA


Natural environment Climate Change Sustainable Planet




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If you know practices or projects related to one of this working group , and you want them to be mapped by InSEA tell us about