World Councillor

About Hyungsook Kim:

My name is Hyungsook Kim and I am an Art Education professor at Seoul National University. I organized 2007 InSEA Asian Regional Congress in Seoul, South Korea. Recently, I was the President of three organizations: the Korea Art Education Association, the Korea Society of Education Through Art, and the Korean Association of Arts Education. I have been teaching graduate students since 2002 with a focus on the history of art education, research methodologies of art education, art criticism in art education, and museum education. I have published several books: Horizons of Art Education; Art Education Meets Society; Methodologies of Art Education; and other books. In addition, I have published several research articles: An Analysis of Creative Effect on Interdisciplinary Practices in Art Education; Community and Art: Creative Education Fostering Resilience Through Art; National Identity Discourses in Visual Culture and Art Education; Socially Engaged Art Practice and Character Education: Understanding Others through Visual Art; and Education through Art After the Second World War: A Critical Review of Art Education in South Korea.

Aim as a World Councillor:

My aim as a World Councillor is to organize World Congress of InSEA in the future by engaging diverse groups. I would also like to be a facilitator that bridges South Korean art educators and art educators from other countries. I will promote local and international conference, seminars and workshops in Asia region. Additionally, I will disseminate InSEA events, books and journals to communities of art educators, and encourage to submit articles to the IJEtA.

Short Biographical details:

Professor of Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Chair of Interdisciplinary Program of Art Education, Seoul National University

Chair of Department of Oriental Painting, Seoul National University

Chair, International Committee Cultural Relation, Seoul National University

Chair, Socially Engaged Art Practice Program: Paju, Kyongki-do

Chair, Kommsadari Project(Dream Ladder Project), Ministry of Education

Committee Member, Committee of National Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education, South Korea

Chair, 2007 InSEA Asian Regional Congress, Seoul, South Korea

President, Korea Art Education Association

President, Korea Society of Education through Art

President, Korean Association of Arts Education

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