7 DAYS of practice/s Call for Visual essays and Digital Papers for Special Edition of IMAG

An invitation to South East Asian Pacific Region InSEA members to highlight projects by artists, community art programs, art educators and art pupils to showcase studio-based pedagogies & practices in visual digital narratives. 

What does Art Education in the South East Asia Pacific look like in 7 days and 7 photographs?

We invite South East Asian Pacific Region InSEA members to share studio-based pedagogies & practices in a special edition of IMAG. The visual narrative or visual story must include 7 images that explore your studio-based pedagogies and practices, communities and studios in 1 photograph a day – in total 7 images. Visual images could include your studios, schools, universities, artworks, artmaking, collaborations, streets, galleries, inspiration, colleagues and exhibitions and be thread throughout a 1000-2000 word visual essay. Visual essays intertwine, mash-up and embed images throughout storied text and include visual storying (eg., annotated images of 7 days in the life, documentary style visual story of 7 days of everyday practice, a 7 days comic or graphic novel style narrative).

What you need to do: Take 1 photograph a day – in total 7 images and write a narrative or story that explores your studio-based pedagogies & practices, then bring these together to combine into a visual essay. This edition of IMAG will be curated by Guest Editors: South East Asia Pacific World Councillors Dr Kim Snepvangers, University of New South Wales and Dr Kathryn Coleman, University of Melbourne.

Please send your submission via CloudStor or WeTransfer to: kathryn.coleman@unimelb.edu.au


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