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Teresa Eça and Ângela Saldanha

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.0

Creative Partnerships – Artists in Schools’: Reflections on the outcomes of a collaborative programme between art teachers, pupils and artists in Cyprus

Phivi Antoniou, Tereza Markidou and Gianna Theocharous-Gkantzidou

 DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.1

New structures in paper and words

Magdalena Jaume

 DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.2

People and heritage: an art education project between students from Finland and Spain

 Seija Ulkuniemi and Alfredo Palacios

 DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.3

New Directions in Art Education: The Edwin Ziegfeld Award

 Deborah Smith-Shank 

 DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.4

Entering a heterotopia

 Michaela Götsch and Verena Faißt

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.5


 Ângela Saldanha, Estrella Luna, Ícaro Pintor

 DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.6

Using contemporary art, media literacy and action research in a co-operational classroom to teach about globalization

 Letizia Balzi

. DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.9

Contemporary Art in the teacher training. International collaboration, students’ dialog in visual language

 Gabriella Pataky

 DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.7

The missions of MonCoin: A curriculum for mobile media and civic engagement in the visual art classroom

Juan Carlos Castro, Ehsan Akbari, Lina Moreno, David Pariser, Bettina Forget, Martin Lalonde, and Melissa-Ann Ledo

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-5.2017.8