World Councillor


About Me:

I chaired the Education Department, coordinated the Arts in Education program, and has taught courses on aesthetics, interdisciplinary curriculum, creativity, social foundations, and environmental art at Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont, USA. I designed and led professional development for two Vermont primary schools with diverse populations to transform their mission from traditional curriculum to fully integrating arts-based curriculum. I have led arts infused study trips to Italy, Wales, Greece, and Japan and service trips working with a migrant population in Immokalee, Florida, and building homes in an economically deprived village in the Dominican Republic. My research continues to be cross-cultural understanding through the arts, the creative process, and interdisciplinary learning. I have collaborated with InSEA colleagues from China and Taiwan and will be joining the 3612+ Bamboo Tandem project with colleagues from Hungary and Japan.



I will cultivate the well-being, care, and communication among people with different cultural identities by collaborating with my colleagues to extend InSEA participation throughout our region and promoting interdisciplinary research and cross-cultural projects that address common global challenges.
I will help plan and coordinate regional and international InSEA seminars, conferences, and congress.

Biographical Statement:

As an educator I strive to raise student cross-cultural sensitivity, environmental awareness, and global perspective through an aesthetic education lens. I create learning communities and partnerships built on authenticity, empathy, exploration, and humility. My practice as a potter and watercolorist and experience in music, theater, and dance provide a broad perspective on the creative process contributing to my teaching and leadership roles. My commitment to global perspective is demonstrated by experiences leading study and service trips where students transform their perspectives and cross-cultural understanding stepping outside their familiar comfort zone. I was honored to be the Vermont Art Educator of the year in 2017.