World Councillor

About Me:

I have been teaching and researching in education since 1994 when I began my art education career, graduating from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. Considering my time in education, I am relatively new to InSEA, having been a member and councillor in state-based and national art education communities in Australia.

I came to InSEA looking for international connections and a professional learning community who were interested in praxis, research, practice-based education and exploring global issues in the classroom. I have found my people and look forward to serving colleagues in the South East Asia and Pacific for another 2 years as World Councillor.

I am on the InSEA Research and Praxis Committee and this year launched the InSEA webinar series in International Arts Education week and serve on the InSEA Publications International Expert Review Panel.


As a re-elected World Councillor in the South East Asia and Pacific with colleagues Rob Hayden (Philippines) and Kim Snepvangers (Sydney, Australia) I hope to continue to build relationships with institutions, schools, teachers, artists and students to widen and deepen the mission of InSEA. I aim to:
  • Promote InSEA and grow the member-base in our region.
  • Support colleagues in our region to share practice, praxis and research at InSEA webinars, seminars, regional and world congress meetings.
  • Invite and mentor colleagues in our region to disseminate practice, praxis and research in and about art education through publishing with InSEA Publications.


Kathryn (Kate) Coleman, PhD is a lecturer at Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne in Australia where Kate is the co-director of the InSEA afilliate Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education. Kate’s praxis includes taking aspects of her theoretical and practical work as a/r/tographer to consider how practitioners, teachers and students use site, cite and sight to create place through practice in the digital and physical.

Contact Details: 


Twitter: @kateycoleman