World Councillor
As a world councilor I would increase research and network in Northern Europe and world-wide. I would continue my work towards social change through art education, focusing especially on diversity, emphasizing, for example, work with people with disabilities. InSEA is the key organization for promoting education through art and bringing people together globally, and I am offering my service to support this great organization.

Short Bio

I work as an Associate Professor of Art-based Research and Pedagogy, and I am the Head of Research in the Department of Art, and the director of the international masters’ program Nordic Visual studies and Art education (NoVA) in Aalto University, Finland. My research area focuses on arts-based practices and research in questions of diversity, disability studies, social justice and critical animal studies. I have developed arts-based research methodology within social context and in relation to the questions of dialogue, community, ethics and philosophy of contemporary art and its education. I have teaching experience at all levels of schooling, including seven years in comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools, and over ten years in higher education.