"Our terracotta choir for 100th anniversary of Latvia"

The project "Our terracotta choir for 100th anniversary of Latvia" began as a simple learning task for children of Jurmala art school to stimulate the interest in Latvian national costumes. After one month the result was amazing - about 50 terracotta “dolls” in different national costumes were staying in the ceramic studio on the window sill. They looked like a choir. In order to create a larger choir, the project opened doors for others.  There were parents and grandparents creatively working with their children and grandchildren, teachers, residents of Jurmala city and everyone showing interest to take part in the project, have made terracotta singers.  The project involved representatives of different occupations. Finally, we have more than 100 singer large choir and satisfied participants who understand that their creativity has no boundaries. Jurmala Art School - Latvia 

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