Principal IJETA Editor-elect (2019)


Nadine M. Kalin playfully experiments with ideas and other collaborators in Denton, Texas as an associate professor of art education. She teaches courses in the areas of curriculum and pedagogy, pre-service art teacher preparation, as well as theories and methods associated with art educational research. Her scholarship intertwines contemporary art practices with philosophical and arts-based modes of inquiry in the exploration of curriculum, pedagogical ethics, labor, institutional critique, and strategies of dissensus related to visual arts, design, and art museum education under neoliberalism.


I am honored to steward the legacy of IJETA as its Principal Editor. Along with the assistance of my editorial team, we aim to fulfil InSEA mandates through soliciting, supporting, and publishing outstanding visual essays and articles by an international authorship from varied perspectives and contexts. We are committed to providing our readers with an inclusive outlook on our evolving art educational landscape.

Biographical statemen

NADINE M. KALIN is an Associate Professor of Art Education at the University of North Texas within the College of Visual Arts & Design. After teaching in public schools in Vancouver, Canada, she earned her PhD in Curriculum Studies from the University of British Columbia in 2007. Her work pushes the pedagogical, theoretical, and methodological boundaries of art education through radical inquiry and performative experiments within institutional spaces. She is the author of the book The neoliberalization of creativity education: Democratizing, destructing and decreating creativitypublished by Palgrave.