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Education for All Training in Arts: EAT ARTS TRAINING, now in existence for two years, continues to strive to expand its programs and offerings to the community.

It is our mission to empower through training upcoming artists, practicing artists, arts educators, and volunteers, including unemployed youth, to promote the arts in schools and communities. Our methods encourage freedom of inquiry, inquisitiveness, discovery, self-esteem, professionalism, combining theory and practice to favour ethical and responsible, sustainable cultural growth. We experience a gap in access to high-quality arts education for many of Namibia’s youth and Arts teachers. The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture of Namibia, has identified and given a special place for the promotion of Arts and Culture for economic sustainability in their 2017/18- 2021/22 Strategic Plan. One of the key actions to advance the three main strategic themes of Quality, Equity and Efficiency, is to make Arts and Culture an integral part of the school curriculum such that cultural diversity is embraced. Arts, culture and heritage programmes are seen as a way to increase the number of Namibians earning a living in the emerging culture industries by promoting art and culture. The Ministry's five-year plan estimated a target of 2% increase of Arts and Culture employment.

MY DISHCLOTH DESIGN COMPETITION is a visual art project consisting of fashion design, drawing and craft in the form of a competition, also short writing or poetry. It aims at empowering women all over the country. The project motivates all female designers, advanced and beginners, youth and elderly to participate in the contest to plan, design and draw a patron for a dress or apron. It is way one approach we can incorporate arts for financial sustainability. The participants will write a short story or poetry about the dishcloth and about being a woman or working in the kitchen, design a dress or apron (different categories), a sketch/drawings/paintings of her story/poem, sew a dress or apron. The main fabric to be used will be dishcloths and offcut fabric.The project will run from May to August, depending on the funding of prices, and the winners will be announced in August during the planned Society for Arts Education in Namibia: SAEN's official launching.

We are in dear need of €2000 for prizes of the various categories. 

Our humble plea is to assist us with €50 

CONTACT for Donations:  Dr C D Afrikaner  +264 81 243 6990  Email: 




ACC NO: 2000399700              

 BRANCH CODE: 481-872


Your generosity will make a difference in our community to continue with our design project. We will submit the necessary proof of receipts and equally appreciate your financial contribution towards the project. We hope that you will be able to take our hands and be the first to know about our successes.

Thank you for your consideration.

Namibian Team




Set of Rules
Many women spend numerous hours in the kitchen to take care of the family. Do you have an inspiring story to share? What’s the drive behind you and your dishcloth? What values do you add to your dishcloth? Write your story, make the dress and stand a chance to win big.

Open to all female designers, whether you're a scholar, beginner or an experienced designer.

  1. Dress mainly made of dishcloths. Include the design (drawing) of the item. Write a short story or poem about your dishcloth/ a woman and her dishcloth.
  2. Apron mainly made of dishcloths. Include the design (drawing) of the item. Write a short story or poem about your dishcloth/ a woman and her dishcloth
  3. Accessories made of waste material

How many?
Submissions are limited to one per person.

Competition Dates
Send your completed items to: Walvis Bay Multi-Purpose Center Khomashochland Street, Kuisebmond 

24 February 2020 - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT
The venue of the announcement will be communicated to all the participants and the public.

Contest Categories
Pattern design
Design the pattern of the dress or apron
Story or poem writing
Explain briefly your role as a woman. The value you add to a dishcloth
Fashion design
Use your pattern for the dress or apron
Accessories design
Make sketches and design matching accessories (jewellery) from waste material
Prizes will soon be announced, but take note of fabulous prizes coming your way

Best design, dress/apron, story/poem, jewellery

Best dress/apron

Best design/pattern

Best story/poem

Special Awards
The jury will also award the submissions that did not make it to the first places in categories, yet they reached a high quality standard, awarded to two proposals in the following categories:

Award for Innovation – social, ecological, technological, material innovation across categories
Expert Award – the award is intended for the one who significantly demonstrates the necessary artistic skills with the intention to make a living from the art

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