InsEA Vice-President (2017-21)

I started working in InSea since 2014 as a councilor for Africa and Middle East region, at this time InSea started to have more members from my region, more participant to InSea conferences and congresses. I promoted InSea inside my region and made it visible, I helped with my colleagues launching “ AmSea “ Africa & Middle East organization for Education through Arts in Cairo, April 2013, starting with 83 members from the region. By 2014 I was elected as one of two vice president and I worked more for promoting inSea in the different countries concentrating on the erea that have less members of inSea. I hosted the ARTGILA123 exhibition in Cairo and created a poster and recorded the event. I co-edited Imag, the online magazine for InSea as an issue of Africa and middle east .
I started the Peace patchwork project in Africa and middle east and we assembled the first big piece in InSea regional conference in Cairo 2018 with a cooperation with NEPAD. Now, I am organizing the WAAE conference in Egypt to gather all world arts organization together for the first time in Africa and Egypt.
I will :

- make the peace project travel to all regions and connect the world.
- As we started with the manifesto I am planing to help publish it and spread it to all schools around the world.
- I will create more gathering events such as teacher art symposium parallel to regional conferences.
- I will help involve more members from Africa, Far Asia, South America and other countries.

InSEA has improved a lot the last few years and we together can make it the most effective organization for art education.
I have passion for networking and time to offer on a volunteer basis; ideas and projects about advocacy, research and praxis in art education at a global scale.

Short Bio

Name: Samia Ahmed Mostafa El Sheikh
Cell phone: +201000061188
Occupation: professor in the department of hand crafts and Oriental Traditions.

• 2017-2019 Vice president of InSea “The international society for education through art”
• 2014 - 2017 World Council Regional Representatives for InSea Africa&Middle east region.
• Member of the Scientific Committee for the Promotion of faculty members.
• Deputy Director of the Quality Assurance Unit at the faculty of helwan university.
• Vice Chairman of the hand crafts and Oriental Traditions department.

I am a Professor of Art Education, teach hand weaving, at the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Egypt. I received my Ph.D through a channel program between University of Helwan and New York in 1993. The research was about designing a program to teach weaving through group work model. I am a member in national and international organizations and my research interests have spanned in-service arts education and fiber arts issues. I am an artist, researcher, and teacher deeply committed to the arts and education. I have been showing my art works in solo and group shows. I participated in many conferences:33rd InSEA World Congress Budapest in Hungary, 2011, research title was about designing a Multimedia program for mentally challenged people. At the World Summit on Arts. The last conference was in Finland 2018.
I contributed in 3 art education books with articles discussing the status of art education in Africa and middle east.


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Working to promote insea is part to show families and students how is art education very important to build creative minds in every community. That will help restore man treasure, helping to augment the people identities and differentiation. 
I contributed with 3 chapters in different books of art education to help modify the differences between regions.