World Councillor


I work in all phases of education, developing both in service teachers and trainee teachers, and with young people in the art classroom, gallery spaces, and beyond. I have a particular interest in the underachievement and the disengagement of boys in UK art education and run a very successful training day called ‘Where Have All The Boys Gone?’ I also develop online visual art education resources for galleries, museums and schools and other organisations. I am active, at all levels, in advocacy for our subject.


I am particularly interested in working towards extending the reach and remit of InSEA and using modern technologies (as well as face to face events) to increase collaboration and co-operation, between people, regions and countries. I want to InSEA to be important and relevant to all those involved in art education. I want to break down barriers.


 Biographical statement

I have worked in art education for all of my working life. I am, Artist/Teacher, activist, networker, critical friend, leadership coach, visiting lecturer, adviser and consultant for arts, creativity and education in schools, colleges, universities and art galleries and museums, writer, motivator, keynote speaker, school governor, trustee of AccessArt, trustee of Monkfish Productions (charities), a former President of the National Society for Education in Art and Design (UK), Secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art Craft Design Education (UK Parliament), Associate of The Big Draw, founder of the North East Art Teacher Educator Network (NEATEN), about to start a second term of office on the InSEA World Council, and many other things. I love art.

Short Biographical details 

I have a BA Hons degree (first class) in Fine Art, an MA for Fine Art and Education (with distinction), a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, National College of Teaching and Learning Coaching qualifications and (OFAT) Online Facilitation qualifications. I am an honorary fellow of the National Society for Education in Art and Design. I am a chair of governors at a primary school in north east England.



Check me out at my website, or via Linkedin.

Find me on Twitter and Instagram too: @theartcriminal