The International Arts Education Week aims at increasing the international community’s awareness on the importance of arts education and at reinforcing its cooperation by promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.  


This is our way of celebrating  the UNESCO International Arts Week

Download HERE the InSEA Poster A1 for the 2019  International week of Arts Education 
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 “It Is Through Our Hands” video. #Making_InSEA
made by AccessArt for the International Arts Education week 
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Arabic; Czech; English; French; Italian; Latvian;  Magyar;  Dutch; German; Mandarin; Japanese; Portuguese; Spanish; Korean; Turkish; Hrvatski
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2018 UNESCO International Arts Week.


How to participate ?

Inspired by the photographer Julian Germain and his series Classroom Portraits InSEA would like to celebrate visual art education around the world by asking you to send in a photo of your own teaching "space", wherever that is, whoever it is with. You can choose how you do this and be as creative as you want. If you do use images with people in, please note that you must ensure that you have permission for this. Please also be aware that any photos sent in will be in the public domain. We shall combine and share your images in an online gallery and video under our hashtag title #moreARTnotless.

This is our way of celebrating the 2018 UNESCO International Arts Week, so your photo should be uploaded or emailed before 18th May.
It is very simple- create your scene,
take your photo
and post it,
or on Twitter using the hashtag #moreARTnotless and tagging us in @INSEA_Blog,
or on Instagram using the same hashtag and tagging in @insea_art_ed
but if this all seems complex then just email your photo to us at:
Read it in: Arabic   Chinese  Czech  Dutch Italian   French German  Japanese  Latvian Korean 
 Magyar Spanish  Portuguese  Turkish