Art Education: Conflicts and Connections.

DOI: 10.24981/M2019

InSEA Publications (2019)

Editors: Vella, R; Saldanha, A.;  Macksimovic, M. ; Torres de Eça, T.

The texts of this e-publication  were produced for the  InSEA SEMINAR:  Art Education: Conflicts and Connections, hold in  Malta 9-11 October 2019. The InSEA seminar coordinated  by Raphael Vella in the MUZA, The Malta National Community Art Museum. with the support of the University of Malta  proposed to raise  healthy critiques and forms of connective thinking, reminding us of the forgotten.  The chapters of the e-publication portray a wide range of  cultural tensions. The texts  present different realities,  giving directions to new agencies in art education in Spain: Malta; Greece; Latvia; Austria; The Netherlands and Brazil. 

Published according to the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


A Comparison between Art Appreciation Education and Information Literacy Education in Japan

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.1

Akiko Kuroda



Cartographies from Educational Research to Teaching Art Education

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.2

Judit Onsès Segarra  and  Fernando Hernández Hernández



Silences, connections, links. Objectual cartographic drift. 

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.3

Maria Amparo Alonso-Sanz & Ricard Ramon. 



It would be great for us!The Arts for teachers

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.4EN

¡Qué bien nos vendría! Artes para el profesorado

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.4SP

Irene Intxausti (Teklak)



Visual methods in an affective arts educational research

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.5

Silvia de Riba Mayoral




DOI: 10.24981/M2019.6

Terese Deduraite


Art  Education For Children In The Context of Climate Change

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.11

Dina Baumane 


Collaborative Books: aesthetic and political dimensions in an educational experience

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.7EN


Cadernos Colaborativos: dimensões estéticas e políticas em uma experiência de educação

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.7PT

Flavia Liberman, Viviane Santalucia Maximino and Marcia Machado de Moraes



Research into the practice of intercultural managers in international micro-environments addressing cultural policy and participation.

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.8

Karsten Xuereb




Art Education and Young People’s Unsolicited Creative Practices on Social

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.9

Maria Letsiou


Spanish Museums' Online Resources for Children and Young Public.

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.10

Myriam Ferreira




Performance approaching experiences and interculturality. Sweet Namibia Together

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.12EN

Performance que aproxima experiencias e interculturalidad. Sweet Namibia Together.

Pilar Pérez Camarero




Graphic Story Telling: The Narrative of Transformation

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.13

Rolf Laven, University College of Teacher Education, Vienna-Austria; Wilfried Swoboda, Board of Education for Vienna



Generating, in a neoliberal University, alternatives for the Education of the Arts from spaces that constitute experiences of care and sharing.
DOI: 10.24981/M2019.14

Miriam Corredera-Cabeza, Universitat de Barcelona, ; Paula Estalayo, Universitat de Barcelona; Mar Sureda, Universitat de Barcelona: Andrea Trenado, Universitat de Barcelona;: Patricia Quintana, Universitat de Barcelona; Aldo Passarinho, Universitat de Barcelona; Silvia de Riba, Universitat de Barcelona.


Arts education in emergency humanitarian aid: educational issues with young people living in camps in conflict areas in the Middle East

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.14

Albane Buriel, University of Québec at Montreal and UniR – University Rennes 2, Canada.; Sylvie Morais, University of Québec at Chicoutimi, Canada; Monique Loquet, UniR – University Rennes 2, France.




“From Patterns to Ornament” (Rakstu raksti). Children’s collaboration project for the study of Latvian national ornaments in Latvia and emigration.

Dace Paeglite, Ilona Solanika (Pardaugavas Music and Art School, Latvia)

DOI: 10.24981/M2019.14


“Rakstu raksti”. Bērnu sadarbības projekts Latviešu nacionālo ornamentu apguvei Latvijā un emigrācijā.

Dace Paeglīte, Ilona Soļaņika (Pārdaugavas Mūzikas un mākslas skola, Latvija)