Young people supporting Visual Art Education in the English Parliament

This is a story and news item which will make interesting reading for InSEA members around the world.
For the last five years, I have acted as secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Art, Craft, and Design in Education on behalf of NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design). I had gone to visit my own Member of Parliament, Sharon Hodgson, in 2012 and shared concerns about the government educational policies which were treatening the status of the Arts in English schools. With Sharon's help and support, we set up the APPG and we have 3/4 meetings every year in the Houses of Parliament. These meetings have a focus on visual art education and as well as celebrating important work and developments, we are able to put a spotlight onto issues and concerns about our subject in English school (Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland have a different education system). Many art teachers, educators, and representatives from Arts organisations attend. So do MPs and members of the House of Lords. We have also invited young people to attend and present. On March 14th 2018, I invited our youngest contributors ever, through my own links with their school in West Yorkshire (England) and the link they have with their own MP Tracy Brabin, who is also a champion for the Arts in schools. If you are interested in seeing agendas and papers from previous meetings then visit the NSEAD website But trust me when I tell you that none of us 'grown ups' can match this wonderful blog written by young people from Gomersal Primary School who came to speak at our meeting recently. Enjoy.!/2018/03/arts-coun... I have also posted this as a blog entry but think it deserves to be NEWS as well. It is wonderful to know that young people have a voice, and to read how much they value all their opportunities in visual art and in all the arts themselves

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