Art Speak for Peace 

Art Speak for Peace Festival Forum

World Councillor Robert F. Hayden J represented InSEA in the  Art Speak for Peace Festival Forum  organized by Earthsavers UNESCO Dream Center/Artist for Peace! during May 20-23 in Manila, in conjunction with the UNESCO celebration of InternationalArts Education Week. This cultural diplomatic initiative is meant to harness a creative army composed of artists, media leaders, teachers and social activists as a concientiizing force to help prevent war which could explode in the disputed China Sea and the divided Korean peninsula. This significant gathering: Art Speak for Peace Festival Forum has the blessing of Director General Audrey Azoulay and is undertaken with the support of International Theatre Institute for its 70th anniversary of service since its creation by UNESCO. The result of the meeting will be a declaration on implementing cultural rapprochement through the dynamic, inclusive application of arts and media for promoting peace and popularizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and scientific data for the protection of the ocean as a carbon sink from pollution and overheating of the waters to mitigate further climate change catastrophes. It is also geared to promote understanding of the oceans as a global commons to guarantee free unhampered access of the sea lanes with adherence to the Law of the Sea. Arts, likewise has an inherent therapeutic character to help heal trauma of war victims of conflict and ecological disasters.


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