18th International Visual art competition 'I live by the Sea'. 2019 - "The Storm” 


All children and young people from the countries over the world are invited to participate in the 18th International Visual art competition 'I live by the Sea'.

The aim of the competition - Using artistic expressions, encourage everyone’s interest in a water eco system (a water chain - springs, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans), its role in the development of human life, culture and traditions, as well as evaluate water as an intercultural unified element

The theme of the competition varies every year. This year the theme is "The Storm”.

The storm as a natural phenomenon, an expression of emotions by individual and society, has always been object of interesting for artists. The storm is a movement that grows out from the silence. It is a power, dreadful and admirable, that evolves, releases, lives...and reverts back in to silence.    

The deadline for submission of works: 29 January 2019. Sending by post - Artworks must be delivered until February 4, 2019.

The terms and conditions of the competitions are also available in Jurmala art  school home page:  http://www.jurmala.makslasskola.lv/lv/konkurss/i_live_by_the_sea/

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INFORMATION CARD No 1:  download annex 1

INFORMATION CARD No 2:  download  annex2 

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