Dear InSEA members from Europe

The elections for the new board of the European regional Board  will start according to the following procedures:  


  • Announcing the Procedures : December 2019 ( ERC newsletter, and ERC webpage and by email to European members ) 
  •  Candidates' application  period:  from the 10th  January   2020 until the   10 February  2020. 
  • Sending the online ballot information ( ERC newsletter, and ERC webpage and by email to European members) 
  • Election period: online ballot : from 10  March  2020  until  31  March  2020  
  • Scrutineer period: May 2020.To ensure transparency in this and all future regional council elections, the votes will be counted and verified by at least two World Councillors from one of the five other regions.
  • Announcing the results  - 30  May  2020 ( ERC newsletter and ERC webpage
  • The New Board takes office- Formal announcement  during the ERC meeting at the European Regional congress in Spain - 6-9 july 2020

We are now staring the process of candidates application .  Every current InSEA member from Europe can apply to stand for the ERC Board  for the roles of Chair; Secretary and Treasurer. 

To consider your application , please read the Regional Council Bylaws

ERC Board members are expected to :

- attend regular online meetings ( ERC Board)

- attend local events and disseminate InSEA talking to non InSEA members and organisations about InSEA services.

- to promote cooperation between national art education organisations; InSEA affiliated organisations and InSEA members in Europe.

- collect information about local and international activities or publications in the field of art education in Europe and share it with the Regional Council members through ERC webpage and ERC newsletter.

- help to organize InSEA events in Europe

- integrate ERC as a partner of EU Projects in the fields of culture; creativity; sustainability; citizenship; peace education; youth and long life education

- to liaise with the  3 European representatives on the InSEA World Council.



If  you wish to apply for the ERC Board during July 2020- July 2022 , please fill the form below: 

Please add a few words about you and about your experience in InSEA.
Please describe the contribution you can give to ERC in terms of time and tasks.
The Regional Council Executive Board shall consist of three persons. The Regional Council Executive Board appoints ....further functions as necessary. ( Article VI: Regional Council Executive Board). Please tick what role are you are interested in .
The information you provided in this e-form will be available on the ERC elections online ballot at according to the InSEA privacy policy (