World Congress in Çanakkale (Western Turkey) in summer 2023

Çanakkale (with approximately 150.000 inhabitants) is a lively student center and a captivating coastal town, and divided by the Dardanelles strait, its province sprawled over the Asian and European continents. This region in Western Turkey is steeped in ancient Greek mythology, of which traces can be found at many sights, most famously the UNESCO World Heritage site of Troy (30km away from the city center).

World Congress in Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China, early July, 2021

Theme: Art Education for Sustainable Development

Hangzhou Normal University, that started the first art teachers training program in China 100 years ago, is located in a city called the “paradise on earth”.
Built 2,100 years ago, and being one of the six famous ancient capitals of China, Hangzhou has a population around 10 million. It is not only known for its  picturesque West Lake and many other tourist attractions, but also known as the centre of manufactury industry and e-business in China,

2020 InSEA Europe Regional Congress, 6-9 July 2020, Baeza, Spain 

 Let's not talk about art education using scholastic ways do communication, let's share by doing it. In this way the participation and the organizational structure of the congress, are articulated around action as theoretical development.The  action is always initiated with a starting point. Plenary sessions are actions that reflectively develop a concept, but always based on the action. Presentations will be real actions or graphic, video graphic or audio evidence of actions.

The venue Antonio Machado de Baeza is in BAEZA, locality declared World Heritage by UNESCO that is located 48 kilometers from Jaén.

InSEA Latin America Regional Congress 2020, Cusco, Peru Congress Theme: Cracks and Provocations for teaching and learning in the arts

CRACKS AND PROVOCATIONS urges us to emerge as critical subjects of knowing and living our differences, thinking of education through not only aesthetic experiences but also the affections and being and being in a coherent way to the world. In this way, this Congress offers us the possibility of ethically and politically affecting/questioning socio-identity structures and relationships and collectively recovering our stories and other stories.

InSEA Asia Regional Conference, 2020

Theme: “Comparative Study on Art Curriculum in Asia”(亚洲地区会议“亚洲美术课程比较研究”)

Venue: The School of Fine Arts of East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Dates: November 16 to 17, 2020.

Registration and submission of proposals will be through WeChat and Email.

InSEA  SEAP Regional Congress 2020, Bangkok 



InSEA World Congress, UBC, Vancouver , Canada, July 219

The InSEA World Congress at UBC in Vancouver, Canada in July 2019 offers art educators an opportunity to theorize and practice ‘making’ in art education.  Through a diverse array of sessions, workshops and field experiences, delegates will be able to reimagine and reflect upon ‘making’ in art education.


InSEA SEMINAR- Art Education: Conflicts and Connections, University of Malta 9-11 October 2019

InSEA Seminar we explore art education as an undertaking that draws our attention to cultural tensions and also helps to mould new agencies and meeting places, redefining itself as a social process that not only produces new artefacts but engages directly with living relations. Hosted by the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, this InSEA Seminar welcomes contributions from educators, arts practitioners and art education researchers.


InSEA Asia Regional Congress, 2018, Hong Kong & 7th World Chinese Art Education Symposium

InSEA SEMINAR Building social cohesion through Arts Education.  Walvis Bay, Namibia, 29 Oct-2 Nov'18

This  InSEA SEMINAR , host by the Society for Arts Education in Namibia (SAEN) aimed to promote InSEA in African countries  and to foster dialogue and sharing of praxis and research about education through art. Special focus was upon social cohesion through Arts Education.

2018 Latin America InSEA Regional Congress, 26-29 July 2018

InSEA Seminar: Research and Praxis For Social Engaged Arts Education In Southern Europe, Balkan and Mediterranean countries16-18 July 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece.

 The InSEA seminar invited Artists, Artist educators;  Arts educators;  Art Education PhD students and Early career Researchers  interested in Social Engaged forms of Arts in Education from the wider area of southern Europe, Balkan peninsula and Mediterranean as well as from other countries

2018 European regional InSEA Congress,  June 18.-21. 2018 at Aalto University in Finland.

 Third African and Middle East InSEA Regional Congress, Cairo 1-3 April 2018

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