IJETA 15.3 is published!


Rita L. Irwin, IJETA Principal Editor

Congratulations to all of the authors published in IJETA 15.3. We have authors from 8 countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, Israel, Slovenia, South Africa, the UK, and the USA. With 6 articles and 4 visual essays, it is slightly larger than other regular issues, yet it is a wonderful issue dedicated to exploring new pedagogies, theories and artistic practices that will be of interest to all InSEA members.

This is also the last issue of the current IJETA Editorial Team. I want to personally thank Anita Sinner and Nadine Kalin for their enormous dedication to producing our high-quality journal. They were incredible editors and I feel enormously lucky to have worked with them these last four years. I also want to thank Nicholas Houghton for his remarkable ability of ensuring Reviews for every issue. Each review adds so much more to our readerly experiences and we thank him for this. I also want to thank Jennifer Wicks and Kate Wurtzel for their assistance in giving us a strong social media presence. While we can all help spread the word about IJETA, we thank them for their time and energy on our behalf. This team has been central to ensuring the high standards we have come to enjoy, forever building upon the work of previous Principal Editors Glen Coutts and Rachel Mason and their editorial teams. Yet, we could not have done any of this without the dozens of reviewers, editorial board members and international consultants who have tirelessly reviewed numerous manuscripts for us, and who have offered guidance when needed. We are indebted to your attention to detail, content and cutting-edge work, and are forever grateful for all you have done for IJETA. Thank you.

I am excited for the new editorial team and wish them the best: Nadine Kalin, Principal Editor, Mira Kallio-Tavin, Sheri Klein and Alexandra Lasczik, Editors, Nicholas Houghton, Reviews Editor, and Kate Wurtzel, Social Media and Editorial Assistant. I know they are hard at work on the upcoming issues.

Lastly, I just want to remind InSEA members that you have free online access to IJETA. Access is easy. Just follow these steps:

Go to the InSEA website: http://www.insea.org

  • login
  • once logged in, go to My Profile in top right corner
  • on user page profile, find IJETA tab and click it
  • click on new IJETA tab
  • this takes you to all volumes and issues of IJETA and you may read and download any article or visual essay for free.


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