IMAG #1. InSEA Publications (June 2014).  DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015

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Editorial: The IMAG Project

Teresa Torres de Eça and Ana Maria Barbero Franco

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.0

A Review of Art Education Research

Dr. June D. Cleavage ( Lisa Hochtritt) and Dr. Graeme Sullivan's presentation for the keynote speech at InSEA 2002

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.1

VISUALIZING ELVIS LIVES Assembling the Lives of Images

Aaron D. Knochel

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.2

Art Education and Cultural Stereotypes: The case of Chinese Culture in Spain

Ma, Rui

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.3

Urban Artistic Actions and Insurgence: political poetics in Amazonia

 Marques, Silvia

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.4

An opportunity to stop time in process

Aberasturi-Apraiz, Estibaliz; Correa-Gorospe, Jose Miguel ; Goikoetxea, Ainhoa de Juan

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.5

Artistic Art Education- Learning in Artistic Projects

Carl-Peter Buschkühle

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.6

Blindness is not darkness, short film, 2014

Ivona Biocic Mandic

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.7

What is a Huaco? Native Peruvian Cultural Heritage and the Intersection with Art Pedagogy

Amanda S. Alexander

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.8


Youth Visual Force, New Cultural Power: What Art Educators Can Learn From Anime/Manga Fan Culture around Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

Jin-Shiow Chen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.9

Arctic Cool: Applied Visual Arts

Glen Coutts

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.10


Learning and developing skills

Peter Gregory

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.11


Inside and Outside: High School Students Increasing Self and Social Awareness through Art Making

Ahran Koo

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.12


Mobilemovie Project

Aya Katagiri, Maria Letsiou and Bernadette Thomas

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-1.2015-1.12