InSEA is a network of researchers, art teachers, artists; artist teachers;  and all those concerned with education through art, we have 748 members in 61 countries, and we meet during our conferences and seminars.  Our members can spread out and receive information about art education through the newsletter magazine and e-books. Many members make interchange projects and we foster exhibitions and projects related to education and art  . Our members can also apply having   events and publications endorsed by InSEA.

  • InSEA is a NGO affiliated with UNESCO,  we regularly spread UNESCO news to our members and  bring the voice of our members to UNESCO forums.

We also work for advocating and promoting research in art education and education through art all around the world. 


Individuals can apply as a profissional member . See here how to enroll

Organizations or groups (e.g, school; university; museum; organization , association) can apply for a group membership or  organizational member of InSEA. See here how to enroll.

Organizations   can  also apply for affiliation or partnership.  Please read here how to apply 

We sincerely hope you will become one InSEA member