InSEA Members collaborate in joint Research Projects ; interchanges of student work;  traveling exhibitions;  lessons using  video conference tools to foster intercultural dialogues between  schools and universities and global scale projects  to promote  awareness of  global issues through the art. 



InSEA Members Collaborative Projects

  “Acting on the Margin - Arts as a Social Sculpture” (AMASS).

This project, where several InSEA members from Europe are participating , address the specific funding theme “Societal challenges and the arts”. The principle investigator for AMASS is Professor Satu Miettinen and the project manager is senior researcher Dr Melanie Sarantou. Experienced researchers such as Professor Mirja Hiltunen and senior lecturer Dr Maria Huhmarniemi are part of the project team. Artistic experiments that utilise service design, art education and arts-based methods play a central role in the AMASS approach to addressing societal challenges in the European margins. The consortium members include Charles University in Prague, Corvinus University in Hungary, Paco Design Collaborative in Milan, University of Leeds in the UK, University of Borås in Sweden and Associação de Professores de Expressão e Comunicação Visual (APECV) of Portugal, ​University of Malta.




International Art Teachers Exhibition





ArtGila 123 International Exhibition,


a travelling exhibition of  small ceramic works produced by teacher artists


ARTEspacios Project:

An international Project started in 2017 by Ángeles Saura (Spain)

to claim the presence of ART in educational centers of all educational levels 2017-2020



Hilar Project (2018-2020).

mail textile art 













SOCIAL Posters:

interchange project



MuseBOX , 2019




Raw Material, a project started by Angela Saldanha,

an  image database of students' works, 2015. 






Endorsed  Enredadas 2018: Art Exhibition about  Social Inclusion , curated by Katia Pangrazi.  2018

Proyecto Exposiciones enREDadas- 

Entangled Exhibitions Project

 Synchonous exhibitions and performances  displaying  works done by artists, artist teachers, art educators

and their students displayed in several places of the world during the International week of Arts Education (UNESCO)

+INFO: by Angeles Saura (2013-2017)