news from the 39th General Conference of UNESCO by Marie-Françoise Chavanne

The 39th General Conference of Unesco begins in Paris. NGO are invited as observers and I represented INSEA. NGO will have special time to debate about actions in relation with Unesco programs that are organized in collaboration with other NGO. I’ll specially attend meeting about art and education. 
I wish to say how I appreciated the opening speech of the President of the General Conference , M.Stanley Mutumba Simataa, Vice-Ministre de l'information et communication de la République de Namibie, who, before leaving his chair, deeply regret that some Nations refuse to respect resolutions of the 38th session of Unesco and reject their engagement to support actions in favor of environmental education and sustainable development. He said that in a so difficult and conflictual period, these nations forget the deep aims of Unesco in favor of peace and people understanding. He supplied these countries to put away the deep layer of indifference and to reject the denial of dangers for our humanity and our planet, insisting about importance of education and culture in human understanding. 
INSEA, as Non Governmental Organisation, is and will stay deeply concerned by the respect of culture, protection of human heritage, fostering creativity and freedom of expression through art and education.

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