New InSEA Website

How to access the new InSEA website. Please take a few minutes to explore the site.


You will have received a message via the treasurer to set a new password. You will need to do this to access all areas of the new website -if you do not, or if your membership has expired, you will not get full access - please also note the following:

  • Use the one-time link you were sent to login
  • ONLY USE your email address as your username (and always use the same one).
  • Set a secure password (only you will know this and it can be changed by you if you forget it - DO NOT use your email password)
  • You must agree to our Terms & Conditions and to receive your monthly members’ e-news.
  • Once logged in go to ‘PROFILE’ and enter your settings
  • Use your own photograph for your Profile Image (not a cartoon character or your cat!) as this will be used on your printable membership card!
  • You can also enter brief details about yourself (Biographical information) – including how long you have been an InSEA member.  

PLEASE Spread the word to members in your region(s)


Go to the Join Or Renew page and follow the instructions.

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