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The importance of InSEA for Brazil begins with the beautiful story of Herbert Read who was in Brazil and caused the installation of the first Art School for childrens in 1948 with Noêmia Varela and Augusto Rodrigues. Since then, with a World Congress in Rio de Janeiro and with the remarkable presence of Ana Mae Barbosa, InSEA has become an important reference and support in the struggles for teaching art in our country.There is still a lot to be done in relation to Brazil, Latin America and in interaction with CLEA so that we can establish greater exchanges and connections between our research and our struggles. Issues related to general education, art education, culture mediation and the training of educators are important points that could generate joint actions.

I believe that the Regional Congress in Chile can strengthen the presence of Latin America in the InSEA, with resonances at the next Congress organize by Ana Mae Barbosa in April 2019, of which I am part of the commission. I intend to expand the work just begun as a World Councilor for Latin America by establishing and deepening exchanges and research. In this sense, I hope to propose the formation of subgroups of work with specific focuses such as Educational Policies and National Curricula; History of Art Education in Latin America; Teacher Training in Art and Pedagogy; Cultural Mediation; etc.

Short Bio

PHD in Education by the University of São Paulo / USP (1999) and Master of Arts by the School of Communications and Arts / USP (1992). Professor of the Postgraduate Course in Education, Art and History of Culture and of the Pedagogy Course of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University where organized 4 International Symposiums for the Education of Educators in Art and Pedagogy (2015-2018) and coordinating two Researches Groups: Art in Pedagogy/GPAP and Cultural Mediation: aesthetic provocations and contaminations/GPeMC. In the past, was a professor at the Institute of Arts / UNESP, Faculty of Santa Marcelina and Pedagogical Space and worked in educational programs at the Rediscovering Exposition (2000), 25a. Bienal de São Paulo (2002) and 4a. Mercosur Biennial (2004), among others. She was the president of the Association of Art Educators of the State of São Paulo (1985-1989), secretary of the FAEB - Federation of art-educators of Brazil, at ANPAP - Association of Plastic Arts Researchers and Councilor for Latin America at INSEA - International Society of Education trhough Art (2016-2018). Her publications include the co-authorship of "Theory and Practice of Art Teaching" (FTD, 2010); "Behind the Scene", project approved and financed by Petrobrás Cultural (2010); "Thinking together cultural mediation: [between] lacing experiences and concepts" (Terracotta, 2014); “Educators Formation: ways of thinking and provoking encounters with art and cultural mediation” (Terracota, 2018), as well as articles and book chapters. She acts in the teaching of art, art, cultural mediation, education, training of educators and artistic research methodologies.


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