December 2011: PAIN / BOL - HRV-InSEA Exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia

PAIN / BOL is the theme of the 2nd International Digital Photography exhibition of the Project How to communicate feelings in the medium of digital photography? The author of the project is Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic, InSEA World Councillor – European region (2011 – 2014), President of the Croatian Council of InSEA (HRV-InSEA) and Senior Advisor for Visual Arts, artist, Zagreb, Croatia. It showcases the feeling of pain in artworks by students aged 12 – 19 years, expressed in the medium of digital photography. The exhibition was held in the Miele Gallery in Zagreb, 19 – 31 Dec 2011, under the auspices of the Education and Teacher Training Agency, Zagreb. The exhibition was accompanied with a Croatian-English bilingual printed catalogue and its online version

The theme of the project was ‘how to (explore and) express and communicate feelings (specific/your own/other people's feelings in your close and wider environment) in the visual arts – in the medium of digital photography’. The basic research questions were (i) how to communicate feelings in the visual arts/digital photography as a means of artistic expression? (ii) Is expressing (and exploring) of pain (and certain other feelings) out of date in contemporary art? (iii) How important is communication of feelings today? (iv) What is the role of art education in these issues? What is the role of art educators/artist-educators? The project were earlier presented by the author at the 33rd InSEA World Congress, Budapest, Hungary, 25 – 30 June 2011.

The project aimed to: (i) to encourage recognition, reflection and visual and verbal dialogue about feelings (your own feelings and the feelings of others). (ii) Expressing and communicating true feelings (particularly feelings of pain/joy) in the arts in general, and especially in children and youth visual arts activities. (iii) To help young people develop better understanding of each other, and solve their own inner problems more easily. (iv) To research on forms of expressing feelings, particularly feeling of pain/joy/etc. in (a) a segment of Contemporary Art in artwork of women artists engaged in education of children and youth, that makes them more aware of the importance of communication of feelings; (b) in a segment of Visual arts activities of students (aged 12 – 19 years), at the end of the first decade and the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century (research to be done in collaboration with school psychologists). For more information, please contact Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic