Máis que nunca (More Than Ever) : Art Activism for Art Education

Máis que nunca is an action research project that aimed to promote arts education worldwide, during and after the International Week of Arts Education, by using art activist strategies to share and disseminate visual information for arts education advocacy in community settings. The coordinators of the project are members of the InSEA Research Group, based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The project involved the making of the Máis que nunca art education poster, a digital template for the poster and post cards, which were made available in digital format to art educators and all those interested in advocacy for arts education. The digital template allowed art educators from different parts of the world to modify the poster in their language and artistic style and disseminate these via different communication channels.

The aim was to spread out this idea of the significance of arts education in digital format through email lists, social groups and similar, or in printed form in supermarkets, schools, shopping malls, Parliaments, football stadiums, streets, squares, traffic lights and other places of interest.

more information in the Facebook blog (Spanish and Portuguese).