InSEA Vice-President  (2017-2021)

Steve Willis taught art in public schools for 23 years prior to joining the faculty at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri USA where he is Professor. His research interests are in indigenous knowledge, issues of equity, Native American practices, tribal cultural construction, issues of arts assessment, service learning, community engagement, and spirituality in art. He has served as a consultant for various schools, school districts, and community arts organizations; has presented at national and international conferences; and has published in national and international journals and has served on various editorial boards. Steve is currently one of the two InSEA Vice-Presidents (2017-2021). As a contemporary artist, he creates images concerning spirituality (


I am committed to the development of collegial communications across all constituencies to raise awareness of contemporary art education practices and philosophies. In this, individual and group voice are of paramount to the continued development of meaningful and substantial educational experiences for all learners from all abilities, genders, sexuality, race, ethnicities, cultures, socio-economics, geographic locations, and spiritual backgrounds.


Biographical statement

I approach my 45 year of being in the classroom - a responsibility I cherish. I am happily married, have three children who are now amazing grown men, and two phenomenal teenage grandchildren – one boy and one girl. I worry about humanity and the environment.