Translation is Dialogue and Prison Outside invite submission of artworks from incarcerated people, ex-convicts, and anyone affected by imprisonment.

The multi-disciplinary exhibition- CALL FOR WORKS

This exhibition will make use of the translation process as we will interact and create new artworks in the gallery space and online. The work on view will encourage the audience to prompt dialogue, inspire thoughts, and creatively activate the space. This call is open to all ages. 

What to send:
- Drawings, paintings, animation, photography, video, textiles, poems, texts, or art in any other medium.
- Submissions can be sent by post or email
- On the artwork, please write your name or pseudonym, date and place.
- Please include any special requests on how you would like your piece to be presented.

Feel free to pass this call to those who might be interested. 

Submission deadline: 
October 2018 for the exhibition. 
Open call is open ended as there will also be an online exhibition.

Mailing address: 
Re: Free Translation
c/o Kone Foundation
Otavantie 10
00200 Helsinki

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