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(PDF, 23.6 MB)

Title: Conflicts and Connections 2020

Editors: Raphael Vella, Ângela Saldanha, Maja Maksimovic, John Johnston

Layout and design: Thelonious Kai Aull

E-ISBN: 978-989-54683-7-9 (eBook/PDF)

ISBN: 978-989-54683-8-6 ( PDF)

Art Education: Conflicts and Connections (2020) is a publication that brings together papers by international academics, artists and educators that are based on presentations made during an InSEA seminar in Valletta, Malta, in 2019. Following a process of revision and peer review, the papers now offer a wealth of topics and discussions that revolve around the challenging nature of art and education, both of which avoid neutral or apolitical positions. Ranging from collaborative pedagogies to issues of cultural identity, democracy, diaspora and risk, the papers present ethical dilemmas that confront us in contemporary life as well as the possibility of dialogue through art.

Title: Visual Pop-Culture in ARTS Education 2020

Editors: Masami Toku & Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase

Layout and design: Thelonious Kai Aull

E-ISBN : 978-989-54683-7-9 (eBook/PDF)

ISBN : 978-989-54683-6-2 (Printed Book)

D.O.I: 10.24981/2020-3

This book explores the power of visual pop culture, in particular, manga, discussing theories and practices for incorporating its study into diverse educational disciplines. It presents the value of education through manga, showcasing ways in which manga can be a very useful pedagogical tool in educational curricula.The content is composed of two parts: 1) theory and practice in ARTS (visual and performing arts) education and 2) manga in cultural, language, and media studies, with particular emphasis on pedagogical aspects. 24 authors who are specialists in visual popular culture in their respective disciplines share their knowledge and experiences of how to incorporate the value of manga into their academic subjects. We hope that this book will contribute to the further advancement of education in visual pop culture and that a wide range of readers will use it as a springboard to spread our belief in “education through manga across disciplines.”

(PDF, 18.8 MB)

Title: Learning Through Art: International Perspectives 2020

Editors: Glen Coutts & Teresa Torres de Eça

Layout and design: 10.24981/978-LTA2020

E-ISBN: 978-989-54683-5-5

ISBN: 978-989-54683-5-5

This is the second book in the Learning through Art series. The book is divided into four sections: social justice and wellbeing; teaching and pedagogy; visual literacy, dialogue and learning through art; alternative approaches. Each of the sections contains diverse essays from selected international authors that reflect on the multifaceted nature of learning through art.

(PDF/A , 5,67 MB)

Title: RELATE NORTH: Tradition and Innovation in Art and Design Education

Editors: Timo Jokela and Glen Coutts

Layout and design: 10.24981/2020-7

ISBN 978-989-54830-2-0 ( PDF)

ISBN 978-989-54830-1-3 ( Printed version)

The work of a diverse group of authors; researchers, scholars, artists and educators from Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia (Komi, Yakutia, Khanty-Masky), UK and USA (Alaska) is presented in this book. The shared focus is encapsulated in the title of this volume, the seventh in the Relate North series: Tradition and Innovation in Art and Design Education. The multifaceted notions of ‘tradition’ and ‘innovation’ especially in the rapidly changing environmental and sociocultural circumstances in the different countries and regions across the circumpolar North provide the reader with a rich tapestry of accounts of applied practice and context-sensitive research. Although principally concerned with research and knowledge exchange in art and design education in the North and the Arctic, the contributors investigate issues and topics that may have wider interest, for example, the sociocultural and political dimensions of living in rural places and urban settings in remote and peripheral areas in other parts of the world.

(PDF/A 4,10 MB)

Title: Relate North: Collaborative Art, Design and Education

Editors: Timo Jokela & Glen Coutts

Layout and design: Anna-Mari Nakurinen

ISBN 978-989-54683-0-0 (pdf)

ISBN 978-989-54683-2-4 (Printed version)

DOI: 10.24981/2019-2

The Relate North series is dedicated to the exploration and sharing of contemporary practices in arts-based research and academic knowledge exchange in the fields of art, design and education. Each book in the series consists of peer-reviewed chapters and visual essays. The mission of this particular book is to examine the potential of collaborative practices in art, design and education. This book brings together the work of leading researchers, scholars artists and designers.

Contributors focus on the general topic of collaborative art, design and education, from the perspective of those living, researching and practising art and art education in Northern and Arctic countries. The editors believe that northern, Arctic and Circumpolar countries are under-represented in the academic, design and art education literature, despite the wealth of innovative research and practice taking place in those areas. The Relate North series and this book in particular, offers a channel for those engaged in collaborative art, design and education to raise awareness and share experience and findings amongst those committed to these disciplines in northern countries, the Arctic and beyond.

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