INSEA is seeking expressions of interest from affiliated organisations interested in hosting the 2023 InSEA World Congress

INSEA is seeking expressions from members and affiliated organisations interested in hosting the 2023 InSEA World Congress. This is a first call for interested organisations. The InSEA World Council wishes to discuss possible submissions  by  Autumn  2018. InSEA would like to make a decision on the 2023 Congress  by April  2019 with a view to promoting it in Vancouver InSEA World Congress in July 2019.



STEP ONE (maximum 2 pages) Expression of interest - Send proposal to InSEA Secretary & InSEA President until 10 June 2018

  1. Name of proposer(s) and InSEA membership number(s)
  2. Affiliation(s)
  3. Partner organisation(s)
  4. Partner affiliate of InSEA (yes/no)
  5. Main Venue
  6. Proposed theme
  7. Proposed dates
  8. Accommodation types available
  9. Travel - nearest airport etc
  10. How will you ensure an inclusive programme (ie all sectors of formal and informal art education)
  11. How will you incorporate a research and praxis element?
  12. How will you provide access to LOCAL art educators?
  13. Draft suggestions for cultural/social/ artistic programme
  14. Government support and/or sponsorship?

Candidates will be informed about the decision on step 1  by 30 September 2018. 


Submission of full, costed, proposal as per InSEA guidelines.  - Send proposal to InSEA Secretary & InSEA President until  25  March 2019 . 



While this is a call for interest only,  the details of a formal application are on the InSEA website. Some of the relevant clauses are reproduced below:

  1.  A World, National or Regional Congress of INSEA can only be advertised as such and held if it has had the prior approval of the World Council.
  2. Although a Congress is always planned and hosted by a particular country or national organization, it is important to recognise that first and foremost it is an INSEA Congress and the International Society must be pre-eminent in all matters of planning and protocol.
  3.  INSEA Congresses are open to InSEA members. Every encouragement should be given to participants who are otherwise eligible, to become members of the Society
  4.  Members of other UNESCO affiliated organizations should be informed about and encouraged to attend INSEA Congresses. The Director-General of UNESCO should be invited to send an official delegate. The INSEA Secretary can provide information about these matters.
  5.  A proposal to hold an INSEA Congress can only be made by an Affiliated Organization of INSEA. (See Rules and Regulations on Affiliated Organizations.) If an affiliation does not exist, then affiliation must take place before submitting a congress proposal to the World Council.


Candidates will be informed about the decision on step 2  by  30 May   2019. 

For additional information please contact

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