InSEA is an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education.

Advocacy is always a political process with aims to influence public policy and resource allocations within political, economic, and social systems. For InSEA, advocacy is motivated by our belief that every child has the right to an excellent education in and through art. It also stems from our belief that this is a lifelong enterprise. InSEA Advocacy includes media campaigns like WAAE Arts Education Week, public support for the arts in the form of Reports, responses to Public consultations; letters to governments; exhibitions, lectures, newspaper reports, published research that shows how important art can be for all citizens in all parts of the world.

InSEA is an amazing, international, supportive professional community of art educators. We have a significant role in disseminating ideas and research internationally about the importance of art for all people. We celebrate the creative, the communicative, and the thoughtful. A critical aim at this time in history is to encourage and appreciate diversity, and resist moves toward international uniformity. We are hopeful that you will join in InSEA’s advocacy through a set of actions:

  • Join InSEA officially! 
  • Write and deliver advocacy statements to target organizations, policy makers, educational leaders, Corporate leaders. Share your paspers through 
  • Share your papers with InSEA
  • Make education through art available to all. 
  • Use InSEA channels such as Facebook; InstagramTweeter ;  wechat  and InSEA Website as a springboard to promote advocacy activism at the local, national, and international levels:
  • Work on projects that are transdisciplinary
  • Establish connections with art teachers in other countries
  • Post advocacy videos on InSEA social channels  and InSEA website
  • Consider opportunities to develop advocacy activism 
  • Collaborate (do not compete) with the other arts. Be clear that each art supports the other ones. Emphasize the mutuality of the arts
  • Write Press Releases frequently to highlight your advocacy actions
  • Develop and make visible transdisciplinary projects for early childhood through adult learners and all ability leve


InSEA Manifesto
30 April 2018
InSEA (the International Society for Education through Art) supports social justice through the arts and education as an international work in progress. “Education through art is a natural means of learning at all periods of the development of the individual, fostering values and disciplines essential for full intellectual, emotional and social development of human beings in a community' (InSEA Constitution).This manifesto was created by InSEA members and leaders of arts education organisations, following the InSEA World Congress in Daegu in August 2017. It is written in response to concerns about the marginalisation of art education in educational systems in the 21st century. The Manifesto is chronologically aligned with the Mission statement of the InSEA constitution from 1954; Joint Declaration of the World Arts Alliance ( WAA, 2006) ; The Road Map of Arts Education (UNESCO 2005) and the Seoul Agenda (UNESCO, 2010). Read here the Manifesto.