Considerations for an Organization Applying to Affiliate with InSEA

Any Art Education Professional or Scientific  Society or Association  may apply to become an Affiliated Organisation of InSEA if it pursues similar goals. The following outlines the benefits and expectations of affiliation, as well as the annual review ensuring continual affiliation with InSEA. Affiliation in InSEA is a protocol of cooperation, members of affiliate organizations are not automatically members of InSEA.

  • Able to apply for InSEA endorsement of events and publications.

  • Share information in the InSEA social channels

  • Link the organization’s website to the InSEA website (network).


  • Promote InSEA events and publications within their networks, newsletters and websites.

  • Create a link to the InSEA website via their website under the text ‘Affiliated to the International Society for Education through Art' (beside the InSEA logo).

Please note affiliate membership does not confer InSEA membership to individual members of affiliate organisations.


Annual Review:

Affiliation with InSEA will be reviewed annually. An Affiliated Organisation is required to submit a report to the Chairperson of the Affiliations Board via the Secretary of InSEA by July 1st of each year or such other time as determined by the World Council. The following information should be included:

i. details of the total number of current members; ii. InSEA representatives within the organization iii. list of executive officers and governing council/committee or network moderators ; iv. any changes or amendments to the Constitution or Statutes and membership subscriptions;v. brief description of activities, conferences and publications in the preceding year.

To  apply to affiliate with InSEA send an email to: with the following information
  1. Name of the organization.

  2. Type of organisation

  3. Date organisation founded

  4. Number of members are in the organisation

  5. Website

  6. Names and addresses (including email) of the InSEA members belonging to your organization

  7. A description of the organisation ( aims, Conditions and categories of membership, structure of the organization

  8. A short description of activities, conferences, publications or other events of your organization.

  9. Contact person