InSEA President  (2019-21)

About me

I have attended and presented keynotes and other papers at many regional and world congresses. In addition, I have been instrumental in organising conferences and congresses both nationally and internationally. For example, I was co-chair of the InSEA European Congress held in Rovaniemi in 2010 and the World Alliance for Arts Education Global Summit in Finland in 2012. I have been an InSEA member since 1996 and during that time, I have been:

• elected as a European Councillor twice;

• Principal Editor of the International Journal of Education through Art 2010- 16;

• Vice President of the Society 2014-17; Secretary 2017- 19;

• one of three Principal Editors for IMAG (the Society’s ART education VISUAL Journal) 2016-19;

• chair of several InSEA working groups, for example the Research, Praxis and Publications groups.

I currently serve as chair of the Publications Board.


As President, I aim to:

  • Promote small-scale, local, events such as seminars artistic interventions and workshops;
  • Motivate new and especially younger, artist-educators from all parts of the world to join the Society;
  • Encourage members to publish with us, either through InSEA Publications or by submitting items to the International Journal of Education through Art or IMAG.

Biographical statement

I am professor of applied visual arts education at the University of Lapland in Finland. I was reader in art and design education at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow from 1991 - 2010. Before that, I worked as a community artist and taught art and design in several secondary (high) schools. I am a practising artist and I write regularly about issues in art education.


Contact Details

Email:              president.insea[at]


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