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Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted to the InSEA Research Working Group and received by October 1st 2018 ( to:

The International Society for Education through Art Doctoral Research Award seeks to recognise an outstanding doctoral thesis in art education with no restrictions on language. The field of research in art education is rich and diverse and so the term ‘art education’ should be interpreted broadly to include, for example multimedia, practicebased inquiry in both formal and informal sectors, but must be predominantly visual arts. This award will recognize a dissertation of exemplary conceptual, methodological, and literary quality that has been completed (ie successfully defended) between September 2016 and September 2018. Please note that the nominator and the nominee must be InSEA members at the time of the nomination. A dissertation may be submitted for consideration of the award once only. The award will be officially presented during the next InSEA world congress  and the award winner will receive complimentary registration. The dissertation will be widely promoted by InSEA. The winner will be encouraged to make a presentation at the congress. Submissions for this award must reflect inquiry that extends a significant line of research, addresses an issue that has been neglected in the field, fills a gap in current knowledge, or raises significant questions about existent knowledge in art education. In addition, awardees should be engaged in studying problems or questions that are timely and that contribute to current policy debates or dilemmas of practice. The scholar’s body of work must be characterised by empirical rigor and coherence, and must hold the potential to contribute significantly to scholarship in the field of art education.

How to apply 

InSEA members wishing to be considered for the InSEA Doctoral Research Award should be nominated by another InSEA member. Nomination materials should be written in English and must include the following: 1. A candidate statement/ summary of the study including abstract and keywords that outlines the unique contribution the study makes to art Page 1 of 4. education. Candidates should present their case as lucidly as possible and may include for example, visual, audio or multimedia material. However, the written case should be no less than 2,000 and no more than 3,000 words (excluding references). 2. The summary should be in APA format in 12-point font, author name should not be included. Appendices must be kept to a practical minimum, for example artwork or multimedia material. 3. Statement by supervisor detailing the date of the successful dissertation defence. 4. Candidate CV – maximum of four pages. 5. Submissions should be made electronically. Thesis may be sent electronically. Materials and any questions or inquiries should be sent to:

Selection committee

The selection committee consists of members of the InSEA Research Working Group who will evaluate the submissions and make a recommendation. Decisions will be finalised by members of the InSEA Executive. Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted to the InSEA Research Working Group and received by October 1 2018. Award Decisions The award decision will be announced  March  2019. Winners will be announced in the InSEA News. The quality of work submitted will be evaluated according to how the research demonstrates beneficial aims and outcomes in art education; how the body of work advances knowledge about art education theory and practice; how the researcher’s corpus demonstrates contribution to the wider community of InSEA art educators.