About the Publications Board

The Publications Board of InSEA, as the title suggests, has oversight of the Society's Publications activities. It comprises members of InSEA with significant publishing experience who work together to ensure that members have the opportunity to bring their research and praxis to a wider audience through our various publishing opportunities. Our aim is to produce high quality publications, either fully published by InSEA through InSEA Publications or through endorsement of existing or proposed publications that are in accord with our central mission of 'education through art'.   We do this in a variety of ways, for example through encouraging members and prospective members to submit to one of our Journals, or by proposing a publication, an anthology or monograph to be published by InSEA, all of which are subject to rigorous peer-review. We strive for open access as far as possible as we believe that excellent research and praxis in education through art deserves a wide audience. However, some of the endorsed publications have been produced by our members with commercial publishers and in those cases, we have negotiated a reduction for InSEA members (normally 15%).  To gain full access to the majority of our publications including every issue of IJETA since 2005, you must be an InSEA member.  If you are a member, or want to join, click here.   

Areas of responsibility

Basically, there are four main areas of activity within the scope of the Publications Board 

1 International Journal of Education Through Art (IJETA) (published in partnership with Intellect Books) 

2 IMAG (IMAG is the online VISUAL journal published by the Society) 

3 InSEA Publications (peer-reviewed monographs, anthologies and proceedings*) 

4 Endorsed publications (selected members’ publications)  

NOTE 1-3 are subject to double-blind peer-review. *Proceedings are peer-reviewed only where indicated

IJETA and IMAG have their own editorial boards. 


Members of the InSEA Publications Board (2019- 2021)

Mohammed Al Amri, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Glen Coutts, President, InSEA University of Lapland (Chair)

Teresa Eça, Past President, InSEA (Ex-officio, Principal Editor of IMAG)

Rita Irwin, University of British Columbia, Canada (Ex-officio, Principal Editor of IJETA to December 2019)

Nadine Kalin, University of North Texas, USA (Ex-officio, Principal Editor of IJETA from January 2020)

Allan Richards, University of Kentucky, USA 

Kim Snepvangers, University of New South Wales, Australia

Alice Wexler, State University, New York at New Paltz, USA

Steve Willis, Missouri State University, USA


InSEA Publications: Creative Directors

Ana  Barbero

Angela Saldanha