Dace Paeglite and  Dace Pudane, from Lat-InSEA,  invite InSEA members to join the Project Social Posters by children and teen agers

The project intends to create a virtual gallery of children and teen agers' views about social concerns using   graphic communication. Posters can be printed by the participants' teachers/educators  to  set exhibitions with the posters from different countries in their schools/educational settings. 

AIM of The project: SHARE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE VISUAL MESSAGES  to promote awareness of diversity  and multiple points of view about social issues relevant to children and young people

Key topics may include: environmental awareness; mental healph; peace; leaving together; well-being; Healph; climate change;  and other topics participants will find important to their lives

NEW DEADLINE to send the digital proposals: 31 December 2019



  • Selected digital posters will be upload in this page
  •  an E-catalog will be produced.
  • Selected posters can be printed  for local exhibitions. 
  • Selected posters will be printed  for one exhibition during the 2020 European Regional Congress. 
  • To promote intercultural dialogue teachers may organize with other teachers participating in project  one or more  students' on-line  discussion
  • Authors ( students) will receive a certificate of participation in the InSEA -P-Project.
  • Teachers participating in project will receive a certificate of participation in the InSEA -P-Project.


HOW to Participate? 

- Send as separate files or in a  zip folder to insea.mydocumenta@gmail.com with:

  • the list of images 
  • title, name of author, age of the author; school; country  and a short  description of the images in English 
  • the images as jpg file named:  name of student_name of school_country